Monday, April 3, 2017

It is April!

It is a new month - April 2017! I am about to look into my next course. I expect the new course will run from April through June 2017. Then, I'll need to move. It could be a move to another apartment here at Cabana Beach, to a new apartment community, to a new country etc. (I did not renew the lease for my current room. If I do sign/renew a lease, it will be for a new room/apartment. This means I will have to move.)

Hopefully, I will move to another country. I prayed (at church yesterday & also continue to pray) that Almighty God will open the right door - and lead me down the correct path. It could be a move for a job in another country or for school in another country or for some other reason. I am confident that things will work out.

In the meantime, I will try to earn some income. Hopefully, people will contact me about design or other projects. I don't expect much income from The Lessons Project ( I also plan to look into other temporary jobs.

I chose the professor path/career primarily because of stability. Most professors I know work continuously and work well into their old age. Another benefit: I expect to use a lot of the business background I have. For a while, I was "stuck" in a technical area (and that is all I will say about that).


Below is an interesting post on my background (posted today on my Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and a few other accounts). In high school, some of my courses/classes included: art, technical drawing, computer studies and agricultural science, but I specialized in business. I was in the business stream.

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