Friday, October 6, 2017

Business plan/proposal

I spent some time working on a business plan/proposal for my tea business. I now have a basic 2-3 page proposal that includes my ideas for the business. Some pieces - such as marketing plan, financial estimates - are missing. What I have will suffice. I will work on other pieces later.

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UPDATE: I created a new blog to track activities related to the tea business: .

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Latest idea/project

I am seeking business partner(s) and/or funding for a business that sells teas (and a few smoothies and soups) that heal or nourish the body. I am very familiar with such products - I am familiar with ginger tea, green tea, garlic tea, sorrel drink/tea, and so on. In recent years, I drank/took a lot of that stuff and I am a whole lot healthier. Interest in whole foods and alternative medicines is growing...


Friday, September 15, 2017

Interesting topic

My new course - Enterprise Network Architecture - is really interesting so far. I like the presentations (the course reminds me of the database course because of the presentations). It is the third week and I am working on my second presentation - not the usual assignments.

In week 1, one of the required readings was:
Making Virtue of Necessity: The Role of Team Climate for Innovation in Resource-Constrained Innovation Projects
By Matthias Weiss, Martin Hoegl, and Michael Gibbert
This paper "introduced me" to a new, interesting topic: innovation (& I will add productivity) in a low-resource environment - basically, performance when there is insufficient funding / less resources than typically necessary for high performance. This is my life right now. I have to produce a lot with very little....

Maybe I can make a difference or come up with new ideas in this area. I remember the issues and decisions I made when planning My Research Summary website/page. I ended up with a "basic" website/page ( and plans to have a more complex website/page. I like the basic page a lot - it would be excellent for someone with limited resources. It has some strengths and advantages. One is the news summary landing page - the idea: Another is the separate pages for certain areas that receive separate funding - I can provide a url that makes sense to organizations/sponsors. However, the basic page is not the very best design/organization (best of breed). It would be better to have my papers/research all in one place and tagged appropriately so that I can look at them this way and that - "pull" papers on specific topics, such as decision-making, then strategy (subset of decision-making as well as strategy in other areas), and so on. I started a project to look into using StumbleUpon to do just this: have to read more on the low-resource topic.

When I first started down the research path, I thought I would struggle to find interesting topics/research areas (that are close/dear to me and/or I would enjoy). Turns out that there are a lot of areas: Customer-focused research (see my blog for this topic: ), design & usability (see my design blog: ), typologies & taxonomies, and so on.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I am thankful today that I away from the Gainesville/Ocala FL area and can work on my assignment (because there is power where I am). Power is still out in Gainesville. I think schools and universities are still closed. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.

This is a reminder that everything can change in an instant. The future is not guaranteed (no one knows what the future holds). This is why some of us learned to trust in Almighty God and hope for the best.

Friday, September 8, 2017


The truth should be simple (it should be clear what is true and what is untrue/false), but sometimes it is complicated. One issue is the perspective/knowledge/insight of the person. A person who witnesses an accident, such as a car accident, may see  something (a detail) that another witness did not see. Maybe because of his or her location/angle of viewing. So there will be different "versions of the truth." A person may know more about what he or she is seeing, which could lead to: (1) more understanding and insight into what occurred (with better explanations), or (2) some bias because the additional knowledge leads him or her to believe there is a particular cause or issue (or maybe he/she paid attention to particular things while missing others).

This is an interesting issue...and just a fact of life. People are different. People will notice different things, highlight different things, and so on. It is even in the Bible (My intention is not to criticize or say that the stories are false. I believe they are true). An example is the information on Jesus' "arrest" in the Bible....

In the book of Matthew, the author explains that Judas kissed Jesus to give the others a sign (so that they would know who Jesus is). Jesus said "Friend, wherefore art thou come from" and they took him. (Holy Bible KJV, Matthew 26:50). There is information that Jesus could ask the Father for twelve legions of angels to assist.

In the book of Luke, in chapter 22, there is information that Jesus dealt with Judas by asking "Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?" In verse 5, there is information that a maid and two others reported that Peter was one of them. Peter denied it and the cock crew. 

In the book of John, the author reported that Jesus asked "Whom seek ye?" when Judas and the other men showed up. They answered "Jesus Christ of Nazareth" and then Jesus said "I am he" (Holy Bible KJV, John 17:4-5). There is no mention of the kiss in the chapter. There is no mention of a maid as one of the people who said Peter was one of them. Chapter 26 mentions that the servant and kingsman of the high priest whose ear Peter cut off did.

(It is my understanding that these authors were inspired by Almighty God to write).
The different details do not diminish the importance of the story. Maybe it makes it more believable because this is normal.

Truth is so simple yet complicated. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Note to self:

Trust seems to be a hot new topic. Richie Etwaru recently published a book on blockchain and trust. I just noticed Joyce Meyer's new book on trust....

Meyer's trust is the trust in Almighty God. Incidentally, one of my favorite quotes is:
 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord.
He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit."
― Jeremiah 17:7-8, Holy Bible English Standard Version
(info on my use of this quote: &

Trust touches a lot of areas - internal controls (accounting), auditing, secrets/clandestine work, selection of businesses and products, and so on. I need to think about trust some more.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


My vacation / family time in Maryland is going well. I stayed with my father & family first, then moved on to my mother and sister. I had a good time on my birthday. I enjoyed visiting old, familiar places. I am eating a lot, and so on. A really good time overall!
(I didn't have internet access for a short while, but that wasn't much of a problem).

I will be here in Maryland for a short while longer.

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