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Thursday, June 15, 2017


I am on a short break from school (after completing the IT Data Communiications course on schedule). I decided that a break was best...so I could pack, move, and take care of other business without worrying about school papers and deadlines.

At this time, I am also thinking of the best way to proceed with some new project ideas. One idea is to review and analyze decisions on the HGTV show Love It Or List It. (decision-making / decision  support is my main research area). There are a lot of interesting decisions on that show - not only decisions by clients (who have to choose between (a) an updated home that was custom designed/renovated to solve some of their reported problems and (b) a carefully selected new home that would also solve some of their problems) but by the designers as well (who frequently have to deal with costly surprises, and so on). Maybe I'll put a proposal together. The project could develop an algorithm to recommend a decision based on financials or other logic. This could be a team effort.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Putting things in order, trying to manage time effectively as I usually do...

I recently submitted another assignment late (see: http://itdatacommmoorefo1.blogspot.com/2017/05/week-5-paper-submitted.html). A second time! I don't want to do that again during the course. I am usually good at managing my time and organization (I am known as a "neat freak" to some).

At this time, I am looking into/pursuing different avenues. I am trying to "put things in order." Some things/activities may not appear important, but they are. Every little bit helps....

For example, I updated the headers/cover photo of a lot of my online accounts yesterday. That has more of an effect than you know!

A picture with the old header:

The new header:

I also used this (related/similar) header in a few places:

(Flickr header)

Today, I spent some time on the "Our God as our Rock" bible study. I reviewed psalm 61....

(photo added to Pinterest and also to summary doc in GoogleDocs)

I also connected the categories in Pinterest - something I meant to do for a while....

I will now go work on my post due today. Back on track!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Interest in food

More reasons to be interested in food. Maybe I should have continued studying Home Economics (includes Food & Nutrition) past the third form in high school. Very interesting...

See post: http://moorefo1wl.blogspot.com/2017/05/interest-in-food.html

Friday, May 12, 2017

Recent activities

Today, I planned to work on my PhD assignment/paper, but I ended up working on other things. I have been busy. I am working on getting my work/proposals out there (in search of funding), performing analyses, looking for work, and so on. Some of my recent activities:

Analysis of fruits in Pinterest:

(Screenshot of Facebook post; Posts with the same information in Twitter: https://twitter.com/moorefo1/status/863082610641317890https://twitter.com/moorefo1/status/863084733286297600)

Update to Research Summary page - https://fahmeenaodettaresearchsummary.tumblr.com/

Update to my resume/CV and main website - https://fahmeenaodetta1.wordpress.com/:

Some of my other posts:

(Motivation item prepared for my first NCU course - This should keep me motivated!)

Test of my new https://www.textnow.com/ account went well. I still need to hook up a phone.

I need to work on my "Our God The Rock" bible study.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Daily Prompt 5/5

I spent some time writing a response to today's one-word prompt at dailypost.wordpress.com. (See my page: https://fahmeenaodetta1.wordpress.com/dailypostchallenges/ for the post). I also have to work on my "Our God the Rock" bible study.


I like today's verse of the day at BibleGateway.com:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Funding for decision-making research

I submitted the assignment on Monday. Everything is pretty much back on track.

I spent some time today reviewing funding opportunities for decision-making research (one of my topic areas - see: https://fahmeenaodettaresearchsummary.tumblr.com/). Some resources:

Funding for Decision Science Research: Negotiating the Maze

Decision, Risk and Management Sciences  (DRMS), National Science Foundation







July 11: Decision making during crises: Prospect theory and China's foreign policy crisis behavior after the cold war
(...need to find more foreign resources/opportunities)

I need to work on getting my projects on the desks of potential donors/funding sources. In other words, more people need to know about my projects. I am sure some organization out there would be interested.